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Flight-case :
LED / LCD / Plasma screen

JPemBall designed and manufactures several model of flight-case specially dedicated to a wide range of flat screens, from 37 up to 85 inches.
You'll be able to see below our specials models which can answer to all requirements, such as prtection and transportation.

We keep going on favouring the lightness and shock resistance with our range of POLYTCASE®, which are made with Alveolar Polycarbonate panels of 10mm thick, density of 2 kG/m² instead of 6 kG/m² for plywood.

All those flight-cases are manufactured on measure, following your needs.
Of course, we are able to manufacture all those models with plywood / Betonnex

Feel free to contact us for your request, we'll answer you within 24 hours.

Contact : Jean-Pierre BARATON
Mobile: +33 (0) 6 30 74 61 65
E-mail: info@jpemball.fr