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The POLYTCASE® is composed of 10 mm thick aveolar polycarbonate panels instead of betonnex 5 layers or laminated plywood colored traditionally used.

Polycarbonate panels are further mounted glued in double interlocking aluminum angles. Traditional products plywood are most often simply nailed or stapled. Riveted corners have a more aesthetic role as a reinforcing role.

POLYTCASES® are also up to 3 times lighter than traditional cases. Insured savings on any transportation and in particular by air.

Polycarbonate : Advantages


Made of Alveolar Polycarbonate, our Polytcases are up to 3 times lighter than standard flight-cases made with 10mm thick plywood.

Few technical datas:
- Polycarbonate Density: 2 kg/m2 (10mm plywood : 6 kg/m2);
- Aspect : Black, a little shiny, slightly wavy;
- Panel : empty honeycomb interior to absorb shock and deformation, flexible so that can accept some twists;

Example: For the transportation of a car, our caps boxes are almost done in 1 single part.
Dimension : 5m x 2m x 1.50m [Lenght x Width x Height]
Weeight: about 95 kG.

Fire reluctant class : M1

On the basis of plastic material, its final rendition has a M1 fire reluctant class. Flycases are able to be used in a lot of places, even "sensible places" requiring fire-class.


Alveolar polycarbonate is basically a recyclable material. Our version of Polycarbonate, extruded in black , is itself from recycled polycarbonate sheets (not enought transparent to be re-used).


The same as the video at the beginning of this page, Polycarbonate resistance has been tested par the fall from 1.2m height of a metal log of 1meter long by 30mm of diameter, onto a panel between two pillars.

All results obtained have been compared with same tests on other material :
Plywood 10mm panel : Broken.
Fiberglass panel, multi-layers : perforated.
Alveolar Polycarbonate 10mm : mark on the external layer, internal layer intact.

Polycase® : a manufacture taking car of YOUR needs

POLYTCASES® are manufactures on demand regarding your requirements : dimensions, opening way, number of handles, wheels (under the case or on angles)...

Moreover, all inside settings are also possible: partitions, specific foam blockings...

In a way to customise your flycases (in order to make them more recognizable, in the same colour of your company graphic charter...), we can apply on panels anadesive coloured film during the manufacture.
A various range of finishing are available: wood, stone, leather, wall papers, glitters...

inside partition

Contact : Jean-Pierre BARATON
Phone: +33 6 30 74 61 65
E-mail: info@jpemball.fr