Ultra-light Flight-case and interpreter booths

JPemball is specialized in manufacturing flightcase for more than 23 years, especially with our range of ultra light and strong flycase Polytcase, made of alveolar Polycarbonate.

Our flight-case are used in several business range such as industry, audiovisual, computing or LCD / LED Screens etc… Designed and manufactured in serial or on-measure, our flight case will allow to transport your equioment in security thanks to foam block other various density.

We brang our know-how to soudnproof booths, espacilly to interpreter booths in simultaneous translation with our Polytcab® 2100. Companies and individual people can benefit of our advanced soundproof booths Polytcab® Music, configuration at choice.

For more than 18 years, JPemBall is specialized in the manufacture of traditional and ultra-lightweight flight cases (Polytcase).

We have been able to meet a large number of industrial and technological challenges to offer you qualitative flycases.
Located 15 km far from Orleans, our factory includes: a study service, our manufacturing and storage unit.

The study of numerous projects and the manufacturing of flight cases for various kind of activity such as industry, exhibition stands, armaments, I.T., automobile, medical, audiovisual etc... Have made it possible for us to develop to an international level.

Our flightcases are made entirely tailored to your specific needs.

Our flight cases can be manufactured in BETONNEX or in polycarbonate with alveolar structure.

Our Polytcab® are small extra working room with high soundproofing level, a modern and well finish design, an easy and quick assembly.

Our Model 2100, dedicated to the simultaneous translation, allows interpreters working for multilanguages conferences, to be isolated from ambient noises. Our booths are fitting the European standard ISO4043 (version 1998 & 2016) about interpretation booths.
Thanks to an innovative structure, our cabins are the lightest of the world market, without sacrificing soundproof performances..

Our Model MUSIC, dedicated to a high sound insulation, allows all artists wanting to play musical instrument or singing in serenity with respect to the neighborhood, while keeping our easy and fast disassembly solution.

« Shuttle » crate:
Conditioning usually employed for a regular and repetitive use ("Shuttle"), resistant to truck / plane / boat freight.
They are very tough, easy to open and to use (external panels in plywood, hasp catches, on wooden girders).

« Single Use » crate:
Conditioning exclusively for appropriate and unique transport, never mind the freight mode chosen.
Conception by juxtaposition of solid wooden planks (pine or fir), with a reinforcing wooden plank belt.

« MIX » crate:
Used as a basic conditioning where the weight is important (in a plane, use by women, private car…) ; It could be a unique or few uses, depending of the care bring to it.
The body's crate is made of a triple layer of paperboard plus a wooden skeleton on sides.

All our manufactures, any kind of them, fit the international standard NIMP15, for Heated wood.

Our Hygiglass® are extra glazings for banks / reception terminals, for guard posts or any office open to the public, for which the customer wishes to protect his staff from salivary projections.

Thus, microbes and viruses that can spread by projection are stopped by our Hygiglass.
They are equipped with a dialogue zone, perforation on the main window to let the sound of speech pass, but an over-top circular glass prevents the postilions from passing.

The staff are therefore separated from the public, and better protected from viruses, microbes and bacteria circulating directly.