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The P2170 is our most practical model to carry thanks to its 2 parts severable panels (1m70 + 30cm).
The link between those 2 parts can be done by the standard locking system or on hinges.

Benefiting a modern design (non-textured aluminum profiles, smooth surfaces), this cabin fits perfectly in any conference room and can be mix with cabins of our colleagues.

January 2017 : Polytcab® 2170 version 2017 comply with the new ISO-4043:2016 standard for interpreter booths (released end December 2016)

Responding to the ISO4043 standard for mobile booths, the European Commission has approved our cabins, so then our Polytcab® 2100 have been used in prestigious conferences or International summits (like climate summit):

iso 4043 standard logo

    European presidencies

  • In Cyprus, July -> December 2012
  • In Itlaie, July -> December 2014
  • In Luxembourg, July -> December 2015
  • In the Netherlands, Jan -> June 2016
  • In Slovaquia, July -> December 2016
  • In Malta, January -> June 2017
  • In Romania, January -> June 2019

  • Global climate conferences

  • COP20 in Lima (Peru), December 2014
  • COP21 in Paris (France), December 2015
  • COP22 in Marrakech (Morocco), December 2016



Based from Alveolar Polycarbonate, our cabin weighs 126 KG on the balance when mounted.
The handling and montages are facilitated for technicians.
It is even possible to move the cabin once mounted …

ultra-low door Threshold

Taking advantage of a especially dedicated frame, the door of our cabin Polytcab® is assembled with a small threshold of only 5 mm.
So then no risk to stumped feet on it and give full access to wheelchairs.

Easy transport

With 1.70m high, tallest panels are ablet to go through any door and can go in any lift, moved by a transport trolley or in the special Polytcase® dedicated for this booth.

2 coat rack provided

For the convenience of users of our cabins, we provide 2 removable hangers, to be install during the assembly of the booth.

Glass edge to edge, unbreakable

In a design allowing our glazing to extend from one side to the other of the frame panels, visibility on the room is at its maximum.
Our Polycarbonate windows are unbreakable, with an anti-abrasion treatment.

Easy Assembly

Mounting in 7 minutes with a No.7 Hallen key.
centering fingers to guide the assembly (slices panels + roofs).
No corner posts for mounting. The panels are sufficient in themselves.

Broom cable gland

To facilitate cable entries in the booth, we opted for brooms, made of Polypropylene / Nylon (good durability and ease of use).
Inside the acoustic foam is cross cut; Thus the sound insulation is maintained.


Ultra-quiet fans

In the context of simultaneous translations and interpretations, it is MANDATORY that the cabin air is renewed (7 times per hour, then 35.5 m3 per hour). With the two connected fans, air is renewed at least 130 m3 / h, nearly 3.7 times the required standard.

Moreover, our fans are built IN the thickness of roof panels. Nothing exceeds neither inside nor outside.

Our fans are also ULTRA-silent with only 10 dB in operation, almost inaudible ...

One 12V power supplier can power up to 4 booths itself (8 fans), using cable relay provided.

Flight-case "dedicated for P-2170 booth"

Manufacturer of flight cases originally, we can provide our Polytcase® specially dedicated to our booth.

Built in vertical, all tallest panels of the P-2170 (1.70m high) slide upright between racks, positioned at the top and bottom of the case in order to maintain each panel in its place, without rubbing each other during transport. Small panels of 30cm have their dedicated slot on interior sides of the case, with also a dedicated place for the working table and accessories.

Manufactured on the base of Multi-layer polycarbonate (see -> Page Polytcase®), the empty body weighs only 70 KG and is equipped with 4 swivel casters with brake and 5 lifting handles.
External size of the case: 990 x 580 x 1930 mm [LxDxH]

LED lighting

Our booths can provide the interior with light by 2 LED ribbons, long the entire width of the cabin.
The intensity is adjusted by a touch switch (20% - 40% - 60% - 80% - 100%)

Placed at the front of the booth, enlightening completely homogeneously the working tablet, they aren’t causing any shade worn even when writing. In addition, the LED lights do not heating, so that do not contribute to heating the interior of the booth during a prolonged use.

Integrated into the thickness of roof panels, nothing exceeds neither inside nor outside. The power supply is provide by the same power source as fans.

Extension kit to 3-4 places

Our cabins are designed for 2 interpreters (1600x1600mm) in standard. Following the ISO4043 norm, it is necessary to be able to enlarge the cabin to 3 places (2400x1600mm), or 4 places. Nothing simpler, you’ll just have to add the the extension kit panels to the standard booth, in the same way as any other panel.

This extension kit includes: 1 front glazed panel + 1 standard full panel for the rear + 1 specific roof panel + 1 specific extension tablet.

TIP: You can even take the glass panel and the full panel of another cabin, and buy only specifics roof and tablet to make the 3 place booth.

Power strip integrated into the tablet

Regarding to ISO4043:2016 standard, interpreters must have access to an electrical plug near their working area + a USB plug too.

This Power strip is equipped with 3 universal electrical plugs and with 3 USB plugs for charging, giving electricity required for 2 or 3 people working in the same booth.

Interpreters will be pleased to have a quick, convenient access to power for their devices, and also without having to bend under the table to plug in.

CO2-meter, mobile & with battery

Regarding to ISO4043:2016 standard, the level of CO2 present in the air in the interpretation booth must be visually accessible to the interpreters.

This CO2 meter remains simple, small, portable, easy to read and is fitted with a battery which can last up to 4 hours non-stop.

It simply hangs on one of the vertical uprights of a glass panel, making it readable directly in front of the interpreters. In addition, coupled with the "USB multiple socket" option in the cabin, you can leave it plugged in for unlimited autonomy.

Colours choice

In order to match with the multitude of settings in which evolve our booths, we provide them in a basic Medium Grey colour;
So then, It is also possible to place side by side our Polytcab® booth with your park of gray cabins (the modern design and color will help there).

However, we can offer a wide range of colors / finishes to customize your booth as you need: another solid color, wood effect (+ or - dark), leather look, stone look, fun decoration ...)

cabine gris standard, grey standard booth

Standard Grey

grey standard gris

Wood A1

bois wood A1

Wood E3

bois wood E3

Wood G1

bois wood G1

Wood H2

bois wood H2

Wood S4

Bois noyer wood S4

White J1

Blanc white J1

Black K1

Noir black K1


Cuir leather V1

And multiple other choice... on request

Technical informations - Polytcab® 2170


  • Interior: (L x D x H) 1600 x 1600 x 2000 mm
  • External: (L x D x H) 1670 x 1670 x 2035 mm

  • Total weight: 126 kG

  • 2 standard panels : 10.5 kG
  • 1 reinforced standard panel : 13.5 kG
  • 3 Glazed panels : 13.5 kG
  • 1 reinforced Glazed panels : 17.5 kG
  • 1 Door panel : 15.5 kG
  • 2 Roof panels : 8 kG
  • 1 working table : 4 kG
  • Drawing of polytcab 2170 booth size, jpemball


  • Interior: (L x P x H) 2418 x 1600 x 2000 mm
  • External: (L x P x H) 2488 x 1670 x 2035 mm

  • Poids total : 162 kG

  • 3 standard panels : 10.5 kG
  • 1 reinforced standard panel : 13.5 kG
  • 3 Glazed panels : 13.5 kG
  • 1 reinforced Glazed panels : 17.5 kG
  • 1 Door panel : 15.5 kG
  • 3 Roof panels : 8 kG
  • 1 working table : 4 kG
  • Drawing of polytcab 2170 booth size, jpemball


    Our Polytcab® booths meet the ISO4043 standard by offering higher levels of soundproofing than the levels minimum required.
    Below, two graphics representing the acoustic performance of our cabins compared to the standard:

  • Sound from ROOM and the microphone in the BOOTH (Chart 1),
  • Sound from the BOOTH and the microphone in the ROOM (Chart 2)
  • Polytcab 2100 soundproofing, Room to the booth

    Contact : Jean-Philippe BAILLY
    Phone: +33 1 46 65 01 43
    E-mail: jph.bailly@jpemball.fr