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Since 2008, J.P'emBall sell its Polytcab® translation booths mobile, easily removable et transportable.
The lightess on the market with 122 kg only, up to twice lighter that our competitors.

With a modern look and meticulous finishes, able to take several external aspects, our cabins can be easily integrated into any working or private environment.

Several acoustic insulation levels are also offered depending on version, suitable for translation and simultaneous interpretation (therefor responding to ISO 4043 norm), or to isolate phonetically sound from musical instruments.

We have also focused our attention on the weight of each kind of booth, in order to handle them easily, as well as ease of installation and removal (10 minutes by 1 person).

Since January 2017, Polytcab® 2100 & 2170 version 2017 comply with the new ISO 4043:2016 standard for interpreter booths (released end December 2016)

Ecological picture

Our Ecological footprint

75%* of booth is from recycled raw materials such as Wood, Glass, Aluminum, rubber…).

and 60%* are recyclable then over the whole booth, once disassembled.

* datas are for Polytcab-F models.
Respectively 35% / 80% for Polytcab 2100 & 2170

Our Ecological cycle comes to the following circuit :

Moreover, their light weight (compared to our competitor's booths) bring a green impact on transportations:
LESS weight hold = LESS énergy consumed !

Few international references

Bruxels European Parliament

Since 2020, JPemBall is the European leader of manufacturer of interpreter booths thanks to the acknowledgment of quality, fidelity and trust of our worldwide clients.

Europe flag

In 2021, the European Parliament
is replacing its old heavy booths park by the latest booth POLYTCAB-F from JPemBall, specialy developed to their request for a better fire resistance M3-French class (equivalent to Euroclass D-s1-d0), in addition of fufilling ISO4043:2016 basic standard.

A Worldwide success since 2008, throught :

  • the whole Europe (Western as Eastern),
  • Russia,
  • United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
  • Morocco, Egypt, Algeria
  • Ivory Cost, Senegal, Cameroon
  • Australia, New Zealand...

where our translation booths are used in conference room of hotels, Companies, Conference Center small to international;

With also so prestigious clients such as:

  • Presidential Elysée Palace (France),
  • Presidentiel Palace of BENIN,

They also have been used by several centers in charge of official conferences of their country host of the EU Presidency, as well as prestigious International climate summits:

    European presidencies

  • In Cyprus, July -> December 2012
  • In Itlaie, July -> December 2014
  • In Luxembourg, July -> December 2015
  • In the Netherlands, Jan -.> June 2016
  • In Slovaquia, July -> December 2016
  • In Malta, Jan. -> June 2017
  • In Romania, January -> June 2019

  • Global climate conferences

  • COP20 in Lima (Peru), December 2014
  • COP21 in Paris (France), December 2015
  • COP22 in Marrakech (Morocco), December 2016
logo fifa 2018 russia

supplier of interpreter booths for the Football World Cup
FIFA 2018 in Russia.

Gallery / Assembly

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Présidence Européenne aux PAYS-BAS
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CYPRUS - European Presidency
LUXEMBOURG - European Presidency
LUXEMBOURG - European Presidency
Office set-up
PARIS - Conference room
PARIS - Conference room
RUSSIA - Sotchi Olympic Games - 2014
RUSSIA - Sotchi Olympic Games - 2014
Netherland - European Presidency
Netherland - European Presidency
BELGIUM - Conference Center
Company conference room
Company conference room
IRELAND - Interpretation school

Our range of Booths

Interpretation booths:

They meet the ISO 4043:2016 standard for use in formal conferences.

Polytcab® F

Interpreter booth Polytcab-F, Fire resistant - JPemBall

Tabletop booth:

They are sometimes used because of the lack of place for installing a standard big interpretation booth.
They don't fit any norm, so then don't meet the ISO 4043 norm.

Cabins with heavy soundproofing

Boasting the most sought and technical materials, this type of booth is incomparably more powerful than the translation booth.

Able to soundproof from 30 up to 47 dB, it can be used for various personal or professional use claiming to be isolated from its environment acoustically (for singing, music, making sounds, hearing tests ... ) and temporary.

Polytcab® Music - Office

Soundproof booth for Music 2 place - JPemBall
Soundproof booth for Music 1 place - JPemBall
Soundproof booth for office - JPemBall

Contact : Jean-Philippe BAILLY
Phone: +33 1 46 65 01 43
E-mail: jph.bailly@jpemball.fr