Wood crate - Shuttle

J.P'emBall designs and manufactures reusable wooden crates, called "Shuttle", specially adapted to your needs both in transport and in the installation of your equipment inside them.

Their strength comes from the same design of the box:
- Exterior panels in plywood 10 or 15 mm thick, in red or pine wood according to the desired finish.
- Riveted or screwed fasteners,
- Chevrons or lifting handles.
Thereafter, it is possible to prepare interior fittings, which will be made specifically to the material transported in and trips (shelves, foam padding, partitions ...).

A product perfectly suited to exhibition materials, stand, or doing inter-company linkages.
This type of packaging has an excellent longevity / ease of storage / price ratio.

Our know-how, allows us to adapt exactly to your requests.
Feel free to contact us with your requests, we'll respond under 24 hours.

Contact : Jean-Philippe BAILLY
Phone: +33 1 46 65 01 43
E-mail: jph.bailly@jpemball.fr